Greetings from the Mayor of Suginami City

Welcome to Suginami! We wholeheartedly welcome everyone.
You might be confused at first due to the difference in culture andcustom. However, I hope that you will deepen your connections with your neighbors and community so that your life in Suginami will be more comfortable.
We are making continuous efforts to maintain Suginami as a safe, secure, and livable city. Your understanding and cooperation will be highly appreciated.
This booklet provides a selection of information that is useful and necessary for living in Suginami City. I sincerely hope that you will take advantage of this booklet so that your life in Suginami City will be even more fulfilling.

Ryo Tanaka, Mayor of Suginami City

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Reporting Crimes and Traffic Accidents to Police
Fire and Ambulance
Emergency Medical Care at Nighttime and on Holidays
Medical Institutions
Police Stations in Suginami
Fire Stations in Suginami
Counseling Services for Foreign Residents  
Counseling Services for Foreign Residents  P10-
Procedure and Notification Required by City Office  
Quick Reference for Moving-in/out Procedures at City Office  P18-
City Office and Residents Offices  P22-
Residence Certificates for Foreign Residents  P32-
Foreign Residence Management and Special Permanent Residents  P40-
Notification for Family Registration  P42-
Seal Registration  P44-
National Health Insurance  P48-
National Pension  P56-
Long-term Care Insurance  P60-
Tax and Tax Certification  P62-
Life and Environment  
Waste and Recyclable Resources  P71-
Electricity, Gas, and Water Utilities  P78-
Bicycles and Automobiles  P80-
Bicycle Rules  P84-
Sugimaru Bus on North-South Routes  P84-
Public Housing  P86-
Pets  P88-
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